Monday, December 19, 2011


This week I wanted to tell you about my sculpture, Ange de Fantasie. Created in bronze and standing atop a base of rough-cut green marble, Ange de Fantasie has a bit of Crique du Soleil, and a bit of pure fantasy. First I apply a patina with fire and chemicals, then hand apply a luxurious mixture of metallic waxes. She was chosen for the cover of Tampa Bay Magazine in their holiday issue of last year. I thought it would be fitting to share her story with you this holiday season, a year after the editorial in Tampa Bay Magazine was published!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 This week I wanted to talk a bit about my piece, The Kiss. It is cast in bronze and then patinaed with rich colors. It comes on a black marble lazy-susan base. Two lovers melt in this ethnic inspired piece. It was inspired by love, life, passion and movement, and all timeless pleasures.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My home and sculptures featured in the North Pinellas Times

My home is being included in a holiday tour through decorated homes.
Featured in the tour through my home will be my sculptures, especially my various angel sculptures.
Here's what they said about me in the article:

"The home and studio of Nina Winters features her works of art and some artifacts from her trips to Africa and South America."

Visit to see the slideshow of the homes.


This week I wanted to share a bit about my piece, "Before Time". He is cast in bronze and patinaed with deep, rich colors. He comes on a base of custom stainless steel. Dragons are my guardians. This is the first dragon – out in space. Before space. Before time. Becoming from his own thoughts. Growing his own universe. He is All. He is Nothing. He is eternal. He is before eternity. He IS.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have posted about these pieces, but I wanted to celebrate with you that I sold both of these sculptures within the past week! The one who Learned to fly is a sculpture dedicated to my daughter. The message is that we can all learn to fly, spiritually, physically or emotionally. The Galactic Samurai is a piece dedicated to a very well known figure who has done far more than most, and to all the beings that reach out across space and time to fight for what they believe in.

To commission a piece, visit

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

African Queen

Sculpture of the week 11.16.11

This week I wanted to post something about my piece, "African Queen". I traveled with my daughter to Africa for three months. One country we visited was Mali,one of the poorest countries in the world. I met a man who lived in a one-bedroom house with his family of 35 people. Most people cook, eat, work, socialize and sleep on the street. Every day I would sketch and make notes. This sculpture is from a sketch of a woman who, although she was extremely poor, carried herself like a queen.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wearable Sculptures

My new line of Wearable Sculptures (jewelry) are created in bronze just as my large pieces. A percentage of the profit goes to help fund a new project I am working on with inner city children to help them create their own Monumental Children's Sculpture Peace Parks promoting that a drug-free individual, home, community and planet will help create a more peaceful world. Here are a few of the pieces from the collection:

To see all of the Wearable Sculptures, purchase for the Holiday season, and do your part to help promote a drug-free and more peaceful world, please visit:



This week, I wanted to give you insight into the inspiration behind my sculpture, "A Love Poem". The young couple is newly in love. She wears a gold crown as a symbol of her being the queen of this day. Cast in bronze and patinaed with rich colors, it is the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary. The beautiful love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is hand-engraved and can be chosen in any two languages - "I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you."

Monday, October 31, 2011

Nina WInters on

A news piece about my (in progress) monumental commission, "The Galactic Samurai (Confrontation of Evil) is headlining on

Here is an excerpt from the editorial on SculptSite: 

"Talented is a good word for Sculptor Nina Winters. Life is a double edge sword and Nina is fully cognoscente of that - just look at 'The Galactic Samurai - Confrontation of Evil'. Best of success to her with her Children's Sculpture Peace Parks!"


I wanted to share the back story behind my piece, "The Little Mermaid". She was made from clay, then cast in bronze at the foundry. She sits atop a limestone base. I went to Copenhagen with my daughter when she was very young. We visited the famous statue of The Little Mermaid on the rocky shores of the city. I wanted to create my own, strong version of this delightful sculpture. She has more attitude than most as she surveys the world with total calm.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I wanted to share a bit about my sculpture "The Logic Master" with all of you. It is cast in bronze atop  a rough-cut onyx base. The inspiration came when I was traveling in Mexico and studied the history of the Mayan people. This colorful, ancient and sometimes brutal culture used the locations of their naturally occurring deep wells or “cenotes”, to judge and punish their “politically incorrect” victims by throwing them to their death. This fellow is the 'decision maker'.  He is patinaed with a deep red wax burnish to bring out the high emotion of the moment.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Concept to Creation: Earth Protector

I came up with the idea for a Trinity of Galactic Heroes some time ago.
I wanted these godly warriors to each carry qualities that are aspired to.
They needed to exude strength, yet composure.

Earth Protector has many meanings.
It has messages both environmental, spiritual and ecological.

Here is first sketch I did of Earth Protector:

From this sketch I created the sculpture. 
I worked first in clay, then cast the piece in bronze at two feet high. 
I knew that this Trinity of Galactic Heroes needed to feel larger than life. 
Even in their table top size, they accomplish that. 
Their bold, abstract lines make each piece feel monumental. 

This is what Earth Protector looks like today:

Definition of HERO

a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.

Being larger than life,
she can hold the Earth in her hand. 
She knows the solutions to the problems of our small planet. 
She knows that something CAN be done about it.

Please contact me with any questions regarding prices or commissions:

And visit my website to see the complete Trinity of Galactic Heroes. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


This week I wanted to focus on my sculpture "Angel de la Vida" (Angel of Life). I first created this piece in clay, then cast it in bronze. Her robes are filled with the colors and passions of life. I patinaed her with fire and chemicals, and created subtle nuances with metallic powders and waxes. Throughout art history, angels are frequently depicted in heaven above the clouds. I brought the clouds into her drapery and attached her to a custom made stainless steel circle, giving the illusion that she is floating above the material universe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This week I wanted to tell you all a bit about my sculpture "Gathering of Nations". Created in clay and cast in bronze using the lost wax method, I then polished and patinaed this piece with rich colors and metallic waxes. I use an eco fuel for the fire in the bowl so that it can burn inside a home or office. This is a maquette of a piece to be created in monumental size as an homage to all the Native American Nations.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sculpture of the week 10/4/11

This week I want to focus on my sculpture "When You Wish Upon a Star". It is made in clay and cast in bronze using the lost wax method. This sculpture is high-polished to a shining golden bronze. From Walt Disney's "Jiminy Cricket", to a lullaby for my daughter, to a dancing star with love at its center, this is a sculpture about the love of a mother and child. I also recently created a "When You Wish Upon a Star" Wearable Sculpture (necklace). The necklace is made at the foundry like my larger pieces, and is patinaed and finished with iridescent waxes, attached to hand sewn ribbon and bronze chain with small bronze star charms. A percentage of the profits from my Wearable Sculptures are going to help build a series of monumental Children's Sculpture Peace Parks. I am working with inner city children, promoting that a drug free individual, household, community and planet will create a more peaceful world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sculpture of The Week 9/27/11

This week I wanted to focus on my sculpture, Truth Revealed. This sculpture is created, like others, using the lost wax method and first created in clay. I then hand-patinaed him with rich, deep colours. He is put on top of a custom made steel base, and a light is installed that can be turned on to shine out of the sphere and illuminate the face. The story behind this piece is about a winged man (part mortal, part god) who sees through his blindfold and finds the truth he has been searching for. We live in a world where lies and falsities are in abundance. I wanted to create a piece that communicates the power within all of us to find the truth and disregard the rest, and that also spoke of the innate abilities in all of us that we will find with the truth.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sculpture of the Week 9/20/11

I wanted to focus this week on my piece, Above It All. It was first created out of clay, then cast in bronze at the foundry. A bronze sphere is made to go under it, then a custom stainless steel base. The inspiration behind this piece came from actor Rene Auberjonois (who played Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). Rene owned land with me in the woods of New Hampshire. He used to draw happy little figures that, later on, inspired me to draw a girl dancing on top of a blue sphere. Here she is in bronze form, above the earth, the universe, her own universe.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sculpture of the week 9/13/11

This week I wanted to say a bit about my piece, Trouble on Thunder Mountain. This piece is first made with clay, and then cast in bronze using the lost wax method, and patinaed with dark, rich colours. The story behind this sculpture comes from when I was a child. I had a record about a little Indian brave who climbed a steep mountain trail with his pony, to a point where they could not turn around. The boy beat on his little drum, calling to his father, "Run father, RUN!" Then, "Zing, like an arrow, like lightning through the pines", his father ran to save them. I loved this record as a child, it fascinated me. I wanted to create a piece that incorporated the beauty of this story, and the overcoming of obstacles. We all have individual struggles between our inner strengths and survival in a sometimes dangerous world. But we can also all overcome these barriers to our own survival.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Galactic Samurai Enlargement

I wanted to share a few pictures of the clay enlargement of my monumental commission, "The Galactic Samurai". The foundry is beautiful, and we have been working around the clock to ensure the piece will be done on time. I have met some amazing people here, and am very excited to work with them in the future on many other monumental projects.

Monday, August 22, 2011



This week I wanted to give you the background on my piece "Great With Child". It was created first out of clay, then cast in bronze. I then patinaed (colored) it with dark rich black-browns, and polished areas to a shining gold. The story behind this piece comes from when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was at a standing room only concert at the Ritz in New York City, and the room became too crowded for the safety of my unborn child. I went upstairs to the "Press Only" area and was greeted by Joseph Shabalala, founder of the headlining group, Lady Smith Black Momboza, with the words "You are great with child. Come, sit with us". Several years later, when my daughter Hana-li was a young child, we went to see Lady Smith Black Momboza play again. I wanted to introduce Joseph Shabalala and his group to her, the child that I had been so "great with" at their previous concert. But as much as I tried to get us backstage, security wouldn't even let us get a message to Joseph Shabalala. I finally yelled his name, with as much intention as I could muster, into the far reaches of the area backstage. A few moments later, he appeared at the entrance. I asked him if he remembered when I was "great with child" at the Ritz. He nodded and said that he did. I then gestured at Hana-li, so small and mesmerized, and said "Here, this is the child." Joseph brought us backstage, and soon the whole group had surrounded Hana-li, smiling and taking her in. The child that had listened to their concert while still in the womb. This sculpture is dedicated to Joseph Shabalala, lead singer for Lady Smith Black Mombazo. The memory of his kindness finds its home in this sculpture.

Visit my website to see all of my work:
And feel free to email me with any questions:


In Portland, Oregon, working with my crew to point-up (enlarge) The 6 ft x 8 ft Galactic Samurai sculpture. I am having the BEST time! Got blue foam up my nose, but I'm just pretending it's snow. The workshop is big and clean, and filled with artists and robots. It's all about high-tech, clean air and doing the job right.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sculpture of the Week 8/15/11

This week, I wanted to write something about the inspiration and technique behind my piece "Fly, Fly, Little Wing". Cast in bronze, this piece was then patinaed (colored) with reds and browns, and the face and hand were polished to a shining gold.
The idea for this sculpture came from Celine Dion's song "Fly". In her song, a young girl leaves her body at death and flies away. It takes the sadness of death and turns it into the beauty of finding new life.
"Fly, fly, Little Wing, far beyond imagining, the moon will rise, the sun will set, but I won't forget..." 

I wanted to make a piece that represented this uplifting idea. 

When I began making my Wearable Sculptures, I decided to take the bird from "Fly, Fly, Little Wing" and create a necklace that incorporated the inspiration from the larger piece, yet still had its own unique voice. I call this Wearable Sculpture "Freedom to Fly". It is cast in bronze, like my larger works, then put on a handmade necklace of bronze chain and ribbon. I hand patina (color) each Wearable Sculpture, so they are all unique. "Freedom to Fly" is a wearable reminder that we can all take flight and rise to new heights. 

Both pieces are dedicated to my sister, Judith.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sculpture breakdown "The One Who Learned to Fly"

I wanted to start a weekly tradition of posting a piece on my Facebook pages and explaining a bit about it. For this first week, I chose my sculpture "The One Who Learned to Fly." When my daughter Hana-li was little, I made her a costume with wings. I suddenly realized that she thought she would actually be able to fly with these wings. When she understood that they weren't real wings, she began to cry. I sat her down and promised her that in this lifetime, spiritually, emotionally or physically, she would learn to fly. This is sculpture is dedicated to her. It incorporates elements from "Cirque du Soleil" and Japanese anime to create a mix of edgy fantasy and inspiration. It is cast in bronze, with wings of bronze, silver, copper and parachute material. I subtly colored it with Patinas (chemical powders that react with the bronze) and metallic waxes. To find out more about the process of creating bronze sculpture, visit my website at


Friday, August 5, 2011


I am now officially starting a monumental bronze commission for 6 ft x 10 ft sculpture, called The Galactic Samurai, for a collector in Texas! I will be keeping everyone updated on the progress of this piece with pictures, video, and blog updates. This is sure to be an incredible project, so keep posted!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nina Winters Facebook

"Like" my new Facebook page to get exclusive updates on my monumental projects, new pieces, wearable sculptures, and the stories behind the sculptures!

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Piece in Progress

I wanted to put up a picture of a new piece that is in progress, to show the steps that go into making a bronze sculpture. Before they can be cast in bronze, they are sculpted out of clay. Here is my new sculpture that I've been working on, called "No More Broken Angels".

She has plexiglass wings and stands on a block of glass. Once she is completed, she will be sent to the foundry, where they will go through the various steps to casting her in bronze. She will then be hand patinaed (colored) and put on a custom glass block, and her wings will be attached to her bronze back. I wanted to create a sculpture brimming with emotion, yet still retaining some hope. I will be posting more pictures as the process continues to complete one of my newest sculptures, "No More Broken Angels."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samples of My Work

I wanted to share some samples of my work that are available for purchase.

This one is called The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes:
I just sold a commission of him, as well as one of my Wearable Sculptures two days ago to a lovely collector from Los Angeles! The message with this piece is that innocence can sometimes rule with much brilliance.

 This sculpture is called The Galactic Samurai. I am currently working on a 6 ft. commission of him for a collector in Texas. I wanted to portray enormous strength in his stance.

Another of my pieces, called Ode to Venus. Circa 22,000 BC, during the Paleolithic Era, an artist created a fertility goddess called the "Venus of Willendorf". This is my homage to this artist of long ago.

This sculpture is called So, What Now? Even after all the destruction beneath him, he still sees hope in his star. Some people go along with the status quo, I wanted to show that something can always be done.

This one is called The One Who Learned to Fly. When my daughter was very young, I made her wings of fabric, and shortly realized that she believed that she could really fly. When she realized they weren't real wings, she began to cry. I told her then that one day, spiritually, or otherwise, she would fly. This is dedicated to her.

This one is called Maestro. He is conductor of the universe and the orchestra.

Before Time. Before time, before space, creating time and space. He is All. He is Nothing. He IS. Dragons are my guardians. I have them on the doors to my home and studio.

Earth Protector. She is one of my trinity of Galactic Heroes. Quietly she moves, the earth in her hand. Our problems are not as big as they seem. An environmental sculpture, she stands out in homes.

To see more of my bronze work, please visit my website at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wearable Sculptures

Here are some pictures from my new line of Wearable Sculptures. They are all sculpted from large scale works I have done, and are handmade and cast in bronze, the same way as my large scale works. Proceeds from this line will go to funding a project I have started, working with inner city children on creating the first Monumental Children's Sculpture Peace Park against drugs. I want to spread the message that a home, community, and world without drugs will be a more peaceful world.

Earth Protector- quietly she moves, the earth in her hand. Our problems are not as big as they seem.

Wild Horses- from a painting I once did.

I patinaed (colored) them brightly, showing their beauty even in their harsh windswept lives.

To see all of my Wearable Sculptures, and purchase your favorite, go to:



And visit to see all of my large scale sculptures!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nina Winters in Blu Magazine editorial

This is a very exciting new editorial from Blu Magazine.  
We did a 4 hour photo shoot of me, my sculptures and my new line of 
"Wearable Sculptures".  
I create monumental sculptures that inspire world peace.
Watch for news about my new monumental Galactic Samurai 
 and my most recent project - 
Working with underprivileged children to create Monumental Children's Peace Parks forwarding the message that 
a drug free person, home, community, country, and planet 
will create a more peaceful world.