Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"The Power of One" - A beautiful custom commissioned wallet chain I just completed for a major celebrity, featuring my bronze wearable sculpture. It has a brass chain and handmade leather snap. To order your own custom piece, email the studio at bronzes@ninawinters.com.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I had an incredible experience recently, while selling one of my sculptures. A woman came to an art exhibition I was part of - after the show was over - and began looking around. Her eye kept going to my sculpture, "The One Who Learned to Fly", so I told her the story behind the piece:

When my daughter was young, I made her a costume with fabric wings. I realized that she thought the wings were real - and when I had to tell her that they weren't, she began to cry. I looked her in the eye and promised her that this lifetime, spiritually, emotionally or physically, she would learn to fly.

When I finished telling the woman about the inspiration for this sculpture, she began to cry. She told me how much the story meant to her, how she had gone through something  similar and how she NEEDED the sculpture for her collection.

It is incredible for an artist when a piece speaks to someone and brings about such a strong emotional response. It is my "raison d'etre" (reason for being).

Monday, November 19, 2012


I found a petition online to be submitted to the city of Las Vegas to build a MAKE PEACE sculpture and make peace park as a part of the positive image building effort, which is already taking place with Zappos & Burning Man Art projects in Las Vegas' new downtown.

 would love to help create a Monumental Sculpture Peace Park in Las Vegas. This is the perfect place to start a series of positive sculpture parks.
Please sign the petition and share with all of your friends!


Friday, November 16, 2012


Thank you all for helping me to win the Howard Alan competition to have my art featured as their new Facebook cover photo!

My sculpture, "The Galactic Samurai" is now featured at the top of their page for all Howard Alan fans to see.


Friday, November 2, 2012


This week I want to give you some insight on my sculpture "Exhilaration". One of my Galactic Hero Trinity, this sculpture depicts one of the highest of human emotions. A sculpture of total happiness, complete release and understanding.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Come see me and pick up one of my sculptures on November 10th or 11th 10 am - 5 pm at the St. Armands Circle Art Show!

This is the 24th anniversary of their fabulous show.

If you are in the Sarasota, FL area, you can't miss it!

For more information, visit their website:

Friday, October 26, 2012


I just created my first series of glass sculptures, three Native American heads.

 The glass sand casting process involves the use of hot molten glass poured directly into a mould. The sand mould is typically prepared by using a mixture of clean sand and a small proportion of the water-absorbing clay bentonite. Bentonite acts as a binding material.

In the process, a small amount of water is added to the sand-bentonite mixture and this is well mixed and sifted before addition to an open topped container. A template is prepared (typically made of wood, or a found object or even a body part such as a hand or fist) which is tightly pressed into the sand to make a clean impression. This impression then forms the mould.

The surface of the mould can be covered in coloured glass powders to give a surface colour to the sand cast glass sculpture. When the mould preparation is complete hot glass is ladled from the furnace and poured directly into the mould.

 -(source Wikipedia: Glass Casting) 

Here are some images from the process:

 Sand, bentonite and colored glass powders in the molds

 Pouring the molten glass

 Placing a rod in the first glass head

 Coloring the glass

 Removing the sculptures from the sand

The cast sculptures, still coated in sand

One of my glass heads (incomplete), mid the finishing process. 
This piece will now have all sand removed from it 
and be attached to a steel ribcage and custom base. 

 To find out more, or to order contact: 
+ 01 727-804-1444 

Friday, October 19, 2012


Artisan Jefferson Mack creates beautiful metalwork. 

Here are some images of his light fixtures:

All images from http://www.mackmetal.com

It really inspires me to create my own lighting fixtures, in additional to my chandelier online: www.ninawinters.com

Thursday, October 18, 2012


This week I wanted to give you some information on my sculpture, "Earth Protector", one of my Galactic Heroes Trinity. 

Larger than life, she hold the Earth in her hand. She knows solutions to the problems of our small planet. She knows that something CAN be done about it.

This sculpture won Second Place and Honorable Mention at Eco Arts. 

Contact me for more information or to purchase:



Friday, October 12, 2012


I have been working on a new, wonderfully sleek contemporary sculpture, incorporating glass, bronze, and lighting. I will be posting pictures of the finished product.

We are also getting prepared for my upcoming shows.

I will have a list of all of the shows for the season soon!


My newest sculpture, just back from the foundry. The piece, "La Petite Reine des Etoiles", (translated to "The Little Queen of the Stars") stands 3" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and is the counterpart to my sculpture, "The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes".

 The images show what my bronze sculptures look like before being chased (smoothed), patinated (colored with fire and chemicals) and polished.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This is an image of my sculpture, "The Kiss", at a collector's home in New York.

 I love the elements of their interior design, and the way the color palette fits perfectly with the sculpture.

Sculptures not only add an interesting element to any home, but provide aesthetic focal points for any decor.

 To get your own piece, visit www.ninawinters.com.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My monumental sculpture commission, "The Galactic Samurai - Confrontation of Evil" was featured in the international arts magazine, Carnet De Notes, issue 163. Scroll down the site to see: http://www.carnetdenotes.net/


This week I wanted to share some details of my piece, "L'Embrasse" (The Embrace). Cast in bronze and patinaed with rich colors, two lovers melt into each other in this deco-style piece. I wanted to show how, in perfect relationships, two people can become one without losing themselves.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I wanted to give you the inspiration behind my sculpture "Reach". I created her in clay and then cast her in bronze using the lost wax method. I patinated this piece using ferric nitrate for a deep, rich brown color, and polished her face a
nd palms to a golden bronze. The sculpture depicts a strong and confident dancer. The intention of the communication is that we are more than we are led to believe. Reach for your goals. Can be commissioned in any size. www.ninawinters.com

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Anyone who knows my work knows that I adore sculptures of beautifully voluptuous women, which is why my new Artist Spotlight is on Nigerian sculptor, Nnamdi Okonkwo.

Nnamdi was drawn to art from a very young age. Later he realized that he could best express himself through three dimensional art. Around this time he was also introduced to basketball, which he was perfect for at 6' 9". He was recruited by BYU-Hawaii to play for their team, and graduated with a BFA in sculpture.

Currently living and working out of Georgia, Nnamdi creates both monumental and small scale sculptures.

I found out about his work while we were exhibiting at the same art show in Florida last year.

One of my favorite of his sculptures is a monumental installation in Harlem, NY, called 'Friends'.

Here are images of his other phenomenal work:

Source: http://www.nnamdiart.com/

Like Nnamdi, many of my pieces are of round figures. A number of my sculptures were also inspired by my travels through Africa. 

Visit www.ninawinters.com to see more of my work.


I wanted to share some information about my Wearable Sculpture, "Love For All". Cast in bronze like my larger sculptures, each Wearable Sculpture hangs from a hand sewn ribbon and chain design with Swarovski crystal detailing. Perfect for any loved one.
To order, visit my website: www.ninawinters.com

Friday, September 14, 2012


It is extremely important to keep your bronze sculptures clean and polished, as dust and dirt can eat away at bronze over time.

There are many expensive cleaning products designed specifically for polishing bronze, but it is very simple to clean bronze using common household items.

1. Be sure to dust your bronze sculptures frequently with a soft, dry cloth to prevent a build-up of dust and dirt.

2. Use mild soap and water with a soft cloth to wipe down your sculpture. Ensure that you are using distilled water rather than hard water, as this can leave calcium or lime deposits on your piece. Use a soft bristled toothbrush for any small crevices.

3. Remove all soap from your sculpture by rinsing with pure water (again, ensure that you are not using hard water).

4. Allow your sculpture to dry.

5. Using a soft cloth and coconut oil, polish the bronze. This will not discolor your sculpture.

If your sculpture is already corroded or discolored, this process won't be enough. But this is a wonderful way to maintain your bronze artwork.

I hope this helps you keep your bronze looking beautiful and new!

Visit my website to see my selection of fine bronze sculptures that can be enlarged to any size:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I wanted to share the list of upcoming Florida shows I will exhibiting my sculptures of all sizes at:

Dunedin Art Harvest - November 3rd - 4th (I may not be able to exhibit at this show as I may be in NYC)

St. Armands Art Show (Sarasota) - November 10th - 11th

Las Olas Art Show (Fort Lauderdale) - January 5th - 6th

Boca Fest - January 12th - 13th

Las Olas Art Show Part II - March 2nd - 3rd

Jupiter Art Show (Jupiter / Juno Beach) - March 9th - 10th

I am still waiting for jury decisions from many other shows, but we hope to see many people at all of the shows this winter.


This week I wanted to share a bit about my Dragon Door Handles. These one of a kind bronze guardians are amazing statement pieces, and make unique gifts. Made to withstand the elements, each one is patinaed to your specific color preference
. The Dragon Door Handles on my front gates and doors are the first sculptures that visitors see at my home studio/ gallery
in Florida.

Celebrate the Year of The Dragon by getting your own Dragon Door Handle: www.ninawinters.com

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gallery Show This Saturday, September 8th

"Come enjoy Fall Gallery Night at the Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal Gallery in Fort Worth. Featuring the bronze work of internationally collected sculptor Nina Winters, including the small-scale version of her monumental sculpture, 'The Galactic Samurai', installed in Fort Worth for the Senior Vice President of PepsiCo. Enjoy the array of talented fine artists at this free noon-9 pm event. Call the gallery for more information."

Website: http://www.rebeccalow.com

Number: (817) 244-1151

 Address: 7608 Camp Bowie West Fort Worth, TX 76116

 Email: rebecca@rebeccalow.com

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I just completed and put up a short film on the creation and installation of my monumental sculpture, "The Galactic Samurai - Confrontation of Evil", commissioned by the Global Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of PepsiCo.



My uncut interview on Peace Day TV, the international broadcast that interviews celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and more!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am one of the artists featured at the St. Armands Circle show in Sarasota. The show is November 10th and 11th and is an incredible event filled with world-class fine artists. I've done this particular show before with a lot of success.

Thank you to Howard Alan Events for giving me the opportunity to show my work, and I hope to see everyone in the area there.


I wanted to share a bit about Niki de Saint Phalle, the self-taught French sculptor and painter.

Niki was born outside of Paris in 1930 to a wealthy banking family. After being wiped out financially by the Great Depression, she and her family moved from France to New York City.

While in New York, Niki was enrolled at the prestigious Brearley School, but perhaps as a sign of things to come, she was dismissed for painting fig leaves red on the school's statuary.

After graduating from Oldfields School in Maryland, Niki became a fashion model, appearing on the cover of Life Magazine, and a few years later, French Vogue. 

She eloped at 18 with childhood friend and author Harry Mathews, and soon had a daughter with him. 

The young mother was on a modeling assignment in France when she met American painter, Hugh Weiss, who became her friend and mentor. 

Niki moved to Spain, where she gave birth to a son, and began to pursue her career in the field of art. 

After dabbling briefly in naive-style oil painting and collage art, she famously turned to a new medium--the rifle. Inspired by the explosive methods of her stated "go-to thinkers": de Beauvoir, Proust and Goudi- she cocked her gun, aimed and fired at giant paint loaded canvases.

In the mid 1960's, Niki began to work alongside Swiss artist Jean Tinguely, whom she would later marry. Niki moved from her "shooting paintings" to developing the voluptuous female form of the Nana, French slang for “woman" in 1965, which led to the commission of the vast sculpture, She: a Cathedral for the Modern Museet in Stockholm. As she worked on brightly painted sculptures of animals and human figures, Niki conceived the idea for her Tarot Garden, a sculpture park inspired by Gaudí’s Parc Güell.

After nearly 20 years of work, and a considerable amount of money,  the Tarot Garden, filled with Niki's monumental sculpture and whimsical architecture opened in Tuscany in 1998.

I wanted to share my love of her voluptuous and whimsical, yet important sculpture. 


This week I'd like to share more information about my sculpture, "The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes". Inspired by the idea that Innocence can rule with brilliance, this is a maquette (small scale) version of a monumental piece I envision at the entrance of one of my peace parks.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Do you have close friends or relatives who would love my work?
Are you friends of an architect or designer who uses sculpture in their work?

Show them my website. I can create all of my pieces in any size and can also do custom commissioned sculptures.

Any sale you make YOU receive commission on.
And that means the BIGGER, the better for you.

Contact me at bronzes@ninawinters.com for pricing and additional details.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


This 6 cm tall sculpture, carved from mammoth bone, is the oldest sculpture of a human figure.

This fertility figure, with it's exaggerated bust and anatomical details, is thought to be at least 35,000 years old.

The sculpture was discovered in the Hohle Fels Cave in Germany, which is how the tiny figurine gained the name "The Venus of Hohle Fels."

It is believed that the figure was suspended from a pendant, as instead of a head a small ring is carefully carved above it's broad shoulders.

The artefact is presumed to have been made by modern humans even though Neanderthals were still present in Europe at this time.

"We find all kinds of things in our caves - musical instruments, all kinds of ornaments, mythical representations of lion-men, not to mention all the different stone tools, bone tools, ivory tools, [and] antler tools. But we have no human bones that really tell us one way or the other who made these artefacts. I assume they were made by modern humans," said Nicholas Conard, professor of Early Prehistory at Tübingen University.

(Reference, BBC News)

Throughout history, venus figurines have played prominently in prehistoric art. These ancient tributes to the female form have been an inspiration for my own figurative works. Here are some of examples of my own fertility sculptures: