Monday, October 31, 2011

Nina WInters on

A news piece about my (in progress) monumental commission, "The Galactic Samurai (Confrontation of Evil) is headlining on

Here is an excerpt from the editorial on SculptSite: 

"Talented is a good word for Sculptor Nina Winters. Life is a double edge sword and Nina is fully cognoscente of that - just look at 'The Galactic Samurai - Confrontation of Evil'. Best of success to her with her Children's Sculpture Peace Parks!"


I wanted to share the back story behind my piece, "The Little Mermaid". She was made from clay, then cast in bronze at the foundry. She sits atop a limestone base. I went to Copenhagen with my daughter when she was very young. We visited the famous statue of The Little Mermaid on the rocky shores of the city. I wanted to create my own, strong version of this delightful sculpture. She has more attitude than most as she surveys the world with total calm.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I wanted to share a bit about my sculpture "The Logic Master" with all of you. It is cast in bronze atop  a rough-cut onyx base. The inspiration came when I was traveling in Mexico and studied the history of the Mayan people. This colorful, ancient and sometimes brutal culture used the locations of their naturally occurring deep wells or “cenotes”, to judge and punish their “politically incorrect” victims by throwing them to their death. This fellow is the 'decision maker'.  He is patinaed with a deep red wax burnish to bring out the high emotion of the moment.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Concept to Creation: Earth Protector

I came up with the idea for a Trinity of Galactic Heroes some time ago.
I wanted these godly warriors to each carry qualities that are aspired to.
They needed to exude strength, yet composure.

Earth Protector has many meanings.
It has messages both environmental, spiritual and ecological.

Here is first sketch I did of Earth Protector:

From this sketch I created the sculpture. 
I worked first in clay, then cast the piece in bronze at two feet high. 
I knew that this Trinity of Galactic Heroes needed to feel larger than life. 
Even in their table top size, they accomplish that. 
Their bold, abstract lines make each piece feel monumental. 

This is what Earth Protector looks like today:

Definition of HERO

a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.

Being larger than life,
she can hold the Earth in her hand. 
She knows the solutions to the problems of our small planet. 
She knows that something CAN be done about it.

Please contact me with any questions regarding prices or commissions:

And visit my website to see the complete Trinity of Galactic Heroes. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


This week I wanted to focus on my sculpture "Angel de la Vida" (Angel of Life). I first created this piece in clay, then cast it in bronze. Her robes are filled with the colors and passions of life. I patinaed her with fire and chemicals, and created subtle nuances with metallic powders and waxes. Throughout art history, angels are frequently depicted in heaven above the clouds. I brought the clouds into her drapery and attached her to a custom made stainless steel circle, giving the illusion that she is floating above the material universe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This week I wanted to tell you all a bit about my sculpture "Gathering of Nations". Created in clay and cast in bronze using the lost wax method, I then polished and patinaed this piece with rich colors and metallic waxes. I use an eco fuel for the fire in the bowl so that it can burn inside a home or office. This is a maquette of a piece to be created in monumental size as an homage to all the Native American Nations.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sculpture of the week 10/4/11

This week I want to focus on my sculpture "When You Wish Upon a Star". It is made in clay and cast in bronze using the lost wax method. This sculpture is high-polished to a shining golden bronze. From Walt Disney's "Jiminy Cricket", to a lullaby for my daughter, to a dancing star with love at its center, this is a sculpture about the love of a mother and child. I also recently created a "When You Wish Upon a Star" Wearable Sculpture (necklace). The necklace is made at the foundry like my larger pieces, and is patinaed and finished with iridescent waxes, attached to hand sewn ribbon and bronze chain with small bronze star charms. A percentage of the profits from my Wearable Sculptures are going to help build a series of monumental Children's Sculpture Peace Parks. I am working with inner city children, promoting that a drug free individual, household, community and planet will create a more peaceful world.