Friday, July 29, 2011

New Piece in Progress

I wanted to put up a picture of a new piece that is in progress, to show the steps that go into making a bronze sculpture. Before they can be cast in bronze, they are sculpted out of clay. Here is my new sculpture that I've been working on, called "No More Broken Angels".

She has plexiglass wings and stands on a block of glass. Once she is completed, she will be sent to the foundry, where they will go through the various steps to casting her in bronze. She will then be hand patinaed (colored) and put on a custom glass block, and her wings will be attached to her bronze back. I wanted to create a sculpture brimming with emotion, yet still retaining some hope. I will be posting more pictures as the process continues to complete one of my newest sculptures, "No More Broken Angels."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samples of My Work

I wanted to share some samples of my work that are available for purchase.

This one is called The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes:
I just sold a commission of him, as well as one of my Wearable Sculptures two days ago to a lovely collector from Los Angeles! The message with this piece is that innocence can sometimes rule with much brilliance.

 This sculpture is called The Galactic Samurai. I am currently working on a 6 ft. commission of him for a collector in Texas. I wanted to portray enormous strength in his stance.

Another of my pieces, called Ode to Venus. Circa 22,000 BC, during the Paleolithic Era, an artist created a fertility goddess called the "Venus of Willendorf". This is my homage to this artist of long ago.

This sculpture is called So, What Now? Even after all the destruction beneath him, he still sees hope in his star. Some people go along with the status quo, I wanted to show that something can always be done.

This one is called The One Who Learned to Fly. When my daughter was very young, I made her wings of fabric, and shortly realized that she believed that she could really fly. When she realized they weren't real wings, she began to cry. I told her then that one day, spiritually, or otherwise, she would fly. This is dedicated to her.

This one is called Maestro. He is conductor of the universe and the orchestra.

Before Time. Before time, before space, creating time and space. He is All. He is Nothing. He IS. Dragons are my guardians. I have them on the doors to my home and studio.

Earth Protector. She is one of my trinity of Galactic Heroes. Quietly she moves, the earth in her hand. Our problems are not as big as they seem. An environmental sculpture, she stands out in homes.

To see more of my bronze work, please visit my website at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wearable Sculptures

Here are some pictures from my new line of Wearable Sculptures. They are all sculpted from large scale works I have done, and are handmade and cast in bronze, the same way as my large scale works. Proceeds from this line will go to funding a project I have started, working with inner city children on creating the first Monumental Children's Sculpture Peace Park against drugs. I want to spread the message that a home, community, and world without drugs will be a more peaceful world.

Earth Protector- quietly she moves, the earth in her hand. Our problems are not as big as they seem.

Wild Horses- from a painting I once did.

I patinaed (colored) them brightly, showing their beauty even in their harsh windswept lives.

To see all of my Wearable Sculptures, and purchase your favorite, go to:



And visit to see all of my large scale sculptures!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nina Winters in Blu Magazine editorial

This is a very exciting new editorial from Blu Magazine.  
We did a 4 hour photo shoot of me, my sculptures and my new line of 
"Wearable Sculptures".  
I create monumental sculptures that inspire world peace.
Watch for news about my new monumental Galactic Samurai 
 and my most recent project - 
Working with underprivileged children to create Monumental Children's Peace Parks forwarding the message that 
a drug free person, home, community, country, and planet 
will create a more peaceful world.