Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Anyone who knows my work knows that I adore sculptures of beautifully voluptuous women, which is why my new Artist Spotlight is on Nigerian sculptor, Nnamdi Okonkwo.

Nnamdi was drawn to art from a very young age. Later he realized that he could best express himself through three dimensional art. Around this time he was also introduced to basketball, which he was perfect for at 6' 9". He was recruited by BYU-Hawaii to play for their team, and graduated with a BFA in sculpture.

Currently living and working out of Georgia, Nnamdi creates both monumental and small scale sculptures.

I found out about his work while we were exhibiting at the same art show in Florida last year.

One of my favorite of his sculptures is a monumental installation in Harlem, NY, called 'Friends'.

Here are images of his other phenomenal work:

Source: http://www.nnamdiart.com/

Like Nnamdi, many of my pieces are of round figures. A number of my sculptures were also inspired by my travels through Africa. 

Visit www.ninawinters.com to see more of my work.

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