Friday, March 21, 2014


Recently Nina has had the pleasure of being contacted by the team over at to have an article written on her and her sculptures.

Here is what they had to say!
You can also visit the article here

"The larger than life characters Nina Winters molds and shapes capture power, beauty and grace. Superheroes, angels, The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes or eternal dreamers tell us stories of bravery, resilience and love. The Le Marseillaise inspired Liberte, with her bright, sanguine patina and intricate wings; the sweet, embracing couple that rests atop a heart shaped stele engraved with A Love Poem, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning or the eternal dreamer that still sees hope in this star while the world is cracking under him in So, What Now?, all her figures are highlighted by the subtle nuances she achieves and the restraint of her color palette. Ms. Winters studied at the College of Fine Arts and Architecture at Cornell University, the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design. While she began her career in the field of paint and color, her travels and nature inspired her create monumental sculptures. Her awards winning works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Her most recent commissions included a 7′ x 9′ “Galactic Samurai” for the Senior Vice President of Pepsico and a 16 1/2′, stainless steel “Eternity” for the city of Kirov, Russia."

The Littlest Mermaid
The Galactic Samurai
A Love Poem
The Child King of the Known and Unknown Universes
African Queen
Angel de la Vida
So, What Now

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